Learn to Cook with Kids - Superfood Treats Online Cooking Classes

For kids who love sweets and parents who want their kids to eat healthy!

All recipes are gluten free, diary free, processed sugar free and comply with GAPS, SCD & Paleo dietary protocols.



What kid (or kid at heart) does not love the sweet stuff?

Silky smooth chocolate, softy chewy cookies, decadent frozen treats…(drool)

In this short and fun online cooking class for families you will learn how you can have your cake and eat it too! You will be making 8 delicious recipes that fully indulge the sweet tooth AND pack a good punch of nutrition and gut healthy goodness. 

All of the recipes are whole foods based, use only natural sweeteners that are easy on the gut and include protein and healthy fats to help keep blood sugar balanced.  That means no crazy sugar induced mood swings!

Many parents doing a gut healing protocols with kiddos worry that their kids will feel deprived.  These recipes will ensure no one misses out on the sweet pleasures of life! 

Why cooking with kids?

There is something special that happens when we spend time crafting and eating beautiful food together. It is a wonderful way to spend time together, be creative, introduce your child to some basic cooking skills, and make some warm, sweet memories together. 

We chose sweet treats for this cooking class because it is a favorite of almost any kid. Getting them to join you in creating a delicious sweet may be a whole lot easier than convincing them to help you make veggie soup.  And, we can all use a little easy when it comes to parenting!

It is like a springboard to dive into the wonders of making your own food and it may very well pique their interest in becoming more involved in kitchen creations of other kinds. 

Each recipe is short (and sweet). Designed to give maximum taste and benefit without a huge time commitment.  They are also a massive upgrade on the usual treat fare our kiddos may be indulging in to fill that sweet craving. 

If it doesn’t taste good, your kids won’t eat it! Right?

My number one recipe critic and taste tester has worked with me on creating this course.  Maybe you met him in the sample recipe video.  All the recipes have passed his strict criteria for super yummy awesomeness and he has put his kids stamp of approval on them all!

And, because kids like to be taught by other kids, my son has teamed up with me to help demo all the recipes and present the Nutrition Fun Facts section of the course. Each recipe will come with a Fun Facts video to help make the idea of healthy food real and relevant to our kid’s lives.

Thiago has been eating a gut healthy, whole foods diet most of his life and he is excited to show kids that eating well and fueling our bodies can be really delicious. 

During these 4 weeks together you will:

  • Create scrumptious treats together that your kids will love, and you can feel good about serving them.
  • Have some educational fun
  • Carve out creative connection time and make happy memories.
  • Spend a little time each week in the calming and mindful practice of cooking.
  • Get your kids eating healthy superfood treats instead of junk.

Your kids will learn:

    • That healthy can be delicious!
    • Nutrition Fun Facts to help kids connect healthy food and the real-life benefits.
    • The connection between gut bugs and strong bodies and happy brains.
    • How to safely use a blender and food processor.
    • How to slice using a dull knife.
    • Measuring
    • How to follow a recipe.
    • Start understanding how flavours and textures work together.

    And, they will feel so proud of their new abilities and delicious creations!

In this 4-week Cooking Class you will receive:

  • A shopping list that covers ingredients for all 4 weeks, so you only have to shop once. List includes links to online sources of ingredients as well in case you are not able to leave home to shop.
  • 2 Easy Step by Step cooking demos each week so you and your child can follow along for perfectly delicious results.
  • A Nutrition Fun Facts Video for each recipe so kids can learn how food helps keep them strong, happy and full of energy. Making for life long healthy eaters!
  • A printable recipe so you can make your favorite ones again and again.
  • A private forum to connect with other like-minded families, share pictures of your creations, ask questions and get support.
  • Live weekly support. I will hold office hours each week for you to join me and ask questions about recipes, the nutrition facts, challenges you may be having in the kitchen with your kids, and anything whole food, gut health and natural healing related!

Her is a peak at the tasty treats we will be making over the next few weeks:

  • Choco Banana Pops with Super Sprinkles
  • Creamy Blueberry Dip
  • Dates with Orange Cream Filling
  • Coconut Ginger Goodies
  • Sensational Strawberry Banana Smoothie (with secret ingredient)
  • Coo Coo for Cacao Bites
  • Ginger Snap Granola
  • Cherry Chocolate Smoothie (with secret ingredient)

All the recipes pack a super nutrient dense punch and are full of divine flavours to tickle those taste buds.  Of course, they are all completely gluten, dairy and processed sugar free.  If you and your family are following a gut healing protocol like the GAPS, SCD or Paleo diet, these treats will comply 100%.


Some recipes do call for nuts, but substitutions are offered.

Meet Your Superfood Treats Team.



I made the switch to a gut healthy, nutrient dense diet to help my son with a chronic health condition more than 8 years ago and we will never look back. I have been in the kitchen dreaming up recipes and adapting old favorites for a long time and cooking this way is now second nature. Now, as a certified holistic nutrition consultant and GAPS certified practitioner, I love being able to teach families like you to create delicious food that you can savour and delight in, knowing they are doing something good for their family’s health. This course was born out of that love. I want to share with you not only the yummy and nutritious treats, but the feeling of time spent connecting and creating in the kitchen. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home.



I’m 11 years old and I love everything chocolate and sweet!!! I am excited for you to try these treats. They are fun to make and even more fun to eat! The best part is because they are healthy your parents might let you have them more often!



What other say about working with Deborah

The class had lots of recipes and different ideas, a great way to begin a change in lifestyle and eating.


Take a class with Deborah! The recipes are delicious, and the information is easily digestible and doable.

-Erin Johnson.

I would be happy to sign up for another course with Deborah in the future.

-Kathy S.

A creative, fun, educational way to spend time and connect with your kids.

Not to mention delicious! 

Food does so much more than fill our bellies.

It creates connection when we take time to prepare and eat meals and delicious treats together.

The creative act of preparing food can be comforting, calming and very satisfying.

Tasty food brings a sense of enjoyment and pleasure and this should always be a part of eating.  Even, healthy eating!

Superfoods provide vital energy and nutrients for every cell of our body that keeps our families strong, healthy and happy.