Eczema, Asthma & Allergies – A comprehensive guide to improving your child’s health


These are 3 of the most common chronic illness that our children struggle with today. Many kids are on heavy duty steroid medications and creams for these illnesses and we know that these meds have a laundry list of side effects that could have long term consequences on our kid’s health beyond the eczema, asthma or allergies.

Maybe your child is on those meds and you are concerned about it. Maybe you have been diagnosed but are trying to find some more natural approaches and solutions.

The holistic and nutritional approach to these condition seeks to go deeper than the symptoms of the illness and target what is happening at a more root level in the body. Holistic health teaches us that all systems of the body are connected and we must address these connections and support balance in order for health to return. The information you find in this guide can dramatically help improve your child’s health with some simple changes.

They are easy to do and once you understand what is going on inside your child’s body you will see very clearly how powerful this approach could be for your child. Easy simple changes that could mean you can eventually cut back on medications or even at some point amaze your doctor and have them take your child off of it for good!

How will the guide help me help my child?

  • Understand how and why the gut, inflammation and toxicity are intricately linked to all three of these conditions. With this understanding you will be sure and secure in your decision to take action.
  • Learn what a gut healing diet looks like and start making the changes that will make a real difference in your child’s health.
  • See at a glance what foods to eat and what you should avoid so you don’t have to guess or search all over the place to get the best results.
  • Learn the source of specific nutrients needed for good gut health.
  • Receive a handy infographic or road map as to how to put these dietary changes into practice every day.
  • Discover the individual nutrients that will help support each system involved in your child’s condition.
  • Find out the best food sources for these nutrients and know you are getting the good stuff in with every bite.
  • Learn what supplements to consider so you don’t waste money on expensive stuff you don’t need.
  • Receive an environmental triggers checklist so you can start making small changes right away, keep track of your progress and keep moving full steam ahead without overwhelm.
  • Share in all my favorite resources for recipes, homemade creams, essential oils and other natural remedies that are helpful for eczema, asthma and allergies alike.  No more searching all over the place.  I’ve compiled a list of some of the best from sources I trust.  

Removing the Risk

I know there is a lot of junk information out there and we get wary about making purchases if we don’t know we are going to get value for our money.  I want to take the risk out of the equation. If you don’t find value for your money in this resource I want to know about it and I will refund you every penny you paid for it. 

Simple as that.

If you would like a little support in making dietary changes for your child please get in touch with me to set up a 15 minute complimentary chat to discuss how I may support you in your quest to help your child. You might also be interested in checking out my group program Kids Gut Healing Bootcamp.

I wish you great success and a happy, healthy future for your child.


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"I really like the uniqueness of Deborah’s background, having also worked in Counselling. I am now very convinced that any person helping others with chronic illness should be very good at listening. Deborah has listened carefully to our “struggle” stories which I have discovered often have clues as to the root causes of our problems. I think it also allows Deborah to gently guide us to implement certain changes when I am looking for excuses to not do it and have a more positive attitude toward the process.

I could go on and on, I just so appreciate Deborah’s support! She has been instrumental on my kids’ recovery and I hope that many others can work with her and find health for their kids."

Maria Castro

"It's so hard to put into words how much Deborah has helped change my son’s life. I was so excited when I found her and couldn't wait to start my journey to help heal my son through diet being the huge step! Deborah is an honest and extremely intelligent individual that really listens to your concerns and helps you to make the best decisions.  She has such a great knowledge of nutrition and makes you feel very comfortable during sessions. I can't thank her enough for her genuine care and help. I don't know what I would have done without her!  We have seen amazing results and it keeps us motivated to keep going and I have her to thank for that!"

Fatme Elrafie

"We have consulted Deborah few months ago for my 4 year old ASD son for implementation of GAPs diet. We had tried this diet twice on our own but each time we gave up on the very first day because of severe detox reaction. But when we started under Deborah supervision it was a lot easier and smoother. She has been amazing support throughout our gaps intro stages, she is always available and answers my queries immediately. She helped us to pass the severe detox phase by modifying diet for my son's individual issues. Without her guidance and moral support, I couldn't imagine to delve into gaps diet. I really enjoy listening her live radio show, she invites different experts and experienced mothers to share tremendous amount of knowledge with parents like us. Also her website Kids Health Revolution has also tons of information."

Asad Khan

Deborah is a very qualified teacher that makes it easy to understand supporting gut integrity.  

Brittany Smith 

Excellent class!

Dee Davis 

Fantastic. Deborah is an expert in this area and keeps everyone engaged. Appreciate her story. 

Ann G. 

Deborah did a great job in the Gut Healthy Breakfasts Class.  Open to questions, good answers and lots of information.  Thank you! 


Deborah is engaging and down to earth. 

Elizabeth Pearson

The class had lots of recipes and different ideas, a great way to begin a change in lifestyle and eating! 


"Feeling empowered and ready to keep going! Deborah teaching things that can be applied right away."

- Audrey Baillargeon

Take the class! The recipes are deliciuos and the information is easily digestable and doable!

- Erin Johnson

Amazing, strong and powerful.  I had tears in my eyes.

-Marta Kalalova

I would be happy to sign up for another course with Deborah again in the future.

She did a really nice job of combining practical hands on knowledge regarding recipes etc. with broader, health based information.  I found the session to be very interesting, I enjoyed watching and hearing her tips on various cooking techniques and I appreciated her passion for good gut health and how to incorporate that into your life / family’s eating.

I have already tried some of the recipes she provided and they are easy to make (once you have some of the specific ingredients) and I will certainly be adding them to my cooking repertoire. 
             Kathy. S

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A great resource with ideas on how to get started. Deborah makes it not so overwhelming. 

        - Denise

Absolutely take a class with Deborah! She is in the trenches, gets it and knows her stuff!

- Laurie Quist

Good recipes and I really like the green light foods list!  


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