Just FYI….you don’t have to visit a tropical country to pick up a parasite.  Most North Americans are walking around with intestinal parasites they don’t even know they have!

Some of these guys are nasty little critters that can cause a lot of problems to our health.  Not only can they be robbing us of nutrition and burrowing little homes into the sides of our intestines (causing a lot of gut integrity damage), they are also considered a trigger for some chronic health conditions and especially autoimmunity.

Here are just a few of things that can be blamed on parasites! 
Irritability, lack of energy, skin problems and rashes, sleep problems, bed wetting, anemia, muscle cramps, teeth grinding, post nasal drip, allergies, poor concentration, and headaches.

Just how parasites contribute to illnesses not directly related to the digestive system is complex and still being researched.  But it is generally accepted that these critters do indeed have an effect.

  1. They damage the gut wall directly leading to compromised function, inflammation and leaky gut issues.
  2. The immune system is triggered into overdrive in trying to deal with the foreign invader as well as all the inflammation and damage being done.
  3. Molecular mimicry can be at work here too!  In this case it is a fancy term and relatively new school of thought that very generally means that the parasites trick the immune system and it begins attacking its own tissues thinking it is the parasite.

The most important thing for you to know here is that parasites are a possible trigger for health conditions and should be looked into.  Stool tests are available and there are many medications and herbal remedies to help treat any infection present.  Diet also plays a very important role in the eradication of parasites from the body. For a better understanding of some of the private testing available to you and how it differs from what you would likely get in the standard medical tests listen to my interview with Dr. Shaw of Great Plains laboratory.

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