Kids Gut Healing Bootcamp

Start improving your child’s health naturally in just 3 Weeks!

A couple small changes each week is all it takes to get there! A gut healing diet is a safe, non-invasive and simple way to improve health that has been clinically proven effective for 1000’s of people. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a try.

Once I discovered the amazing potential of something as simple as food to help my son we have never looked back. My son’s autoimmune symptoms have been steadily improving ever since. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that a gut healing diet has been the very foundation for his little body to find balance again.

I know what is possible for your child but, I don’t want it to be as much work for you as it was for me doing it alone and from scratch!

I’ve been down this road and as a busy mom just like you and I get that changing our kid’s diet can seem pretty daunting and overwhelming. With this bootcamp I am going to show you that this can be done, without tearing your hair out or making it your full time job!

We are going to walk step-by-step together through the changes and I am going to be there every step of the way to support you. The program is interactive and will take all the guess work out of changing your child’s diet. It is designed to save you time and endless frustration so you can get right down to the business of making a difference for your child.

Your Kids Gut Healing Bootcamp at a glance

  • 3 Short Video Workshops to arm you with all the information and tools you need each week to take action.
  • 5 Live Q&A Calls to answer your questions and help you trouble shoot each step of the way! Even after the course has finished you will have support.
  • Essential resources like meal plans, recipes, kitchen prep guides & shopping cheat sheets. You have everything you need, no guess work – ever!
  • 6 month membership to the Kids Health Revolution Community 24/7! Membership includes monthly Q&A support calls, monthly meal plans, Support and encouragement from other parents on the same journey at the same time, which is invaluable.

I’ve gathered, complied and created everything I wished I’d had at my finger tips when I first started on this journey and put it all together in this program.

I know it will make your path much smoother.

This Course is For You and Your Child If:

  • You’ve thought of going gluten free, dairy free or cutting down on processed sugars but can’t get your head around where to start.
  • You are interested in using diet and natural protocols but are a bit overwhelmed by it all.
  • You actually feel paralyzed by the thought of changing the family diet and could use some personal support and guidance to set you up for success.
  • You are passionate about doing whatever you can to improve your child’s health.
  • Your child struggles with Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, IBS,  Crohn’s, Colitis or other digestive condition.
  • You have a child with vitiligo, lupus, arthritis or other autoimmune condition.
  • Your child has ASD, ADHD, depression, anxiety or other mental health issue.
  • You have a child with celiac who is not improving on a general gluten free diet.
  • Your child is overweight.

You will also have 6 months of access to The Private Kids Health Revolution
Community Support

In the official Kids Health Revolution Community, you’ll be in a supportive and inspiring space where you can safely ask the pressing questions on your mind as well as help others along on their revolutionary journeys.

You will receive:

  • Monthly Q&A calls for support and trouble shooting
  • Monthly menu plans, recipes and shopping lists.
  • 24/7 Support from a growing community of like-minded parents on the same mission to help their kids.

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What Do I Get In This Course

Module 1: Transition Your Kitchen – Get Kids Health Revolution Ready in 1 Weekend!

Your kitchen is the headquarters for this health revolution and like any revolution preparation is key. Know you have all the key elements in place and ready for success.

Here is what we will do together:

  • Execute 4 simple steps to get your kitchen revolutionary ready – Zero in on what counts most and save valuable time and energy.
  • Make the grocery shop simpler.  Know precisely what you need in your cart and save major time, money and the frustration of being caught unprepared.
  • Complete targeted food preparation projects so you can live life and not be a slave to the kitchen.

You will receive:

  • Kids Health Revolution Kitchen Tools Guide  –  Confirm you have all the kitchen tool essentials without wasting money on things you don’t need.
  • The Revolutionary Pantry Raid and Fridge Raid Guide Book & Checklists – so you know exactly what in your pantry and fridge is a keeper and what will be a no-no for your child’s gut healing protocol. No guess work!
  • Restock the Larder Guide and Checklist – make sure your kitchen is stocked up on all the healthy gut healing staples and good stuff you need for the next few weeks and beyond.
  • Targeted Food Prep Guide – A few well spent and organized hours on Sunday will make your weekday dinners and school lunches flow almost effortlessly.
Module 2 - Diary & Gluten Free Action Plan

Guiding you through the 1st big step in reducing inflammation and improving your child’s health!

What we will do together:

  • Dig into the exact impact diary & gluten have on the health of your child and how it contributes to their illness so you can fully embrace a dairy free/gluten free life knowing it is the best thing for your child right now.
  • Explore how to do gluten free the right way so you don’t accidentally sabotage your efforts.
  • Review Kids Health Revolution Approved dairy & gluten substitutes that allow you and your child to enjoy some treats without all the health consequences.Discuss the best sources for quality ingredients and substitutes.
  • Learn about the importance of meat stock and fermented foods for gut healing and health improvement. Find out the yummy options and how to get your kids to eat it!

You will receive:

    • Diary/Gluten Free Menu & Meal Plan – Easy, delicious and stress free to make the transition smooth and easy.
    • Easy to follow Revolutionary Recipes so that you can enjoy the food without spending all day in the kitchen.
    • Easy to use shopping list for the week
      Downloadable Diary/Gluten substitute cheat sheet so you know what to eat and what to avoid.
    • Kid Friendly Fermented Food Guide
    • Guide to incorporating meat stock everyday
Module 3: The Sugar Solution

Kick this inflammatory food to the curb and watch your child’s health transform!

What we will do together:

    • Discuss exactly how sugar is so detrimental to your child’s health and how it contributes to their illness.  You will happily go processed sugar free knowing the profound effect it could have for your child.
    • Dig into the Kids Health Revolution approved sweets – enjoy and indulge without the health destroying effects.  
    • Discover insider tips and tricks for baking with approved sweets to make delicious gut friendly desserts and treats of all kinds.

You will receive:

    • The Sugar Solution Guide so you know exactly how to kick this habit with the least stress and struggle.
    • Processed Sugar Free Menu & Meal Plan – Easy, delicious food to re-train the taste buds.
    • Easy to make Revolutionary Recipes for sugar free breakfasts, cookies and treats that support your child’s health.   All the yum- none of the health consequences!
    • Quick and easy shopping lists for the week.Downloadable approved sweetener cheat sheet so you know what to eat and what to avoid at a glance.
Module 4: Going All the Way Paleo

Time to really kick the healing potential up a notch.  With this final step you will completely eliminate the bad bacteria banquet going on in your child’s gut so it can find proper balance again and he or she can start feeling even better.

What we will do together:

      • Taking down the remaining gut offenders – Grains, legumes and potatoes (For kids that need the extra bit of intervention for a time, like mine did)
      • Explore why this step is so vital for the healing and sealing of the gut, reducing inflammation and stress on the immune system, even the brain!
      • Understand why sometimes Gluten Free just isn’t enough.
      • Discuss the Kids Health Revolution approved grain and starches for savory and sweet dishes your family will love.
      • Discover how easy and truly satisfying grain free can be.

You will receive:

      • Cooking demos for Revolutionary Rice, Risotto and Zoodles.
      • Gut Healing Paleo Menu & Meal Plan – Easy, delicious food that is grain, legume and potato free.
      • Yummy Revolutionary Recipes to support the meal plan.
      • Easy reference shopping list for the week.
Bonus Module: How to party Kids Health Revolution Style

One of the biggest questions I get is how do we handle birthday parties and events? This module will make sure that you and your kids can party down, your family can fully savior and enjoy every moment without feeling deprived or left out.

What we will do together:

    • Discover easy entertaining that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. You can have a ball and still stay on track to improved health for your child.
    • Create delightfully delicious treats, cakes, cookies, cupcake and ice cream options so no one ever feels deprived.  
    • Sample fun foods and snacks to make any kids party a smashing success.  The kids won’t even notice they’re eating healthy!
    • Discuss exactly what you need to say to your kids about attending parties and events. They can have fun with their friends, just like always, and you don’t have to worry.
    • Explore the 3 Questions you must ask when eating at the home of friends and family – avoid difficult situations that could sidetrack your child’s health progress.  

You will receive:

    • The Health Revolutionary Party Planner – Whether it is a child’s birthday party, a summer barbeque or Christmas dinner you will be ready to entertain with pleasure and pride.
    • Easy inspired menus and recipes so you can prepare a mouth-watering spread and still actually enjoy the party!
    • Scrumptious desserts for any season.
    • Kid’s party cakes and treats they will go bonkers for without you having to go mad in the kitchen!


2 Sticky Situation Dialogue models:
1.How to handle eating at friends and families without feeling embarrassed or worried it won’t go well.
2.Know exactly how to talk to you child to help them enjoy birthday parties and events without destroying their health.

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