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Searching for solutions to help our kids can be a lonely and exasperating path. I don’t think I could have done it without the support of a few other mom’s in my life who were on a similar mission for their kids. The purpose of the Kids Health Revolution Community is to provide that sense of support, friendship, encouragement and inspiration to each other when we need it most.


Let’s face it. Not everyone gets it. Not everyone understands this journey of setting out to find solutions and help our kids even when we are told there is nothing to be done. I have dealt with my share of critics and skeptics for what we are doing. Some of them in my own family, and I still deal with them to this day. Knowing that I have other people like me, who are not willing to give up, helps make those interactions easier to bear. It helps keep me strong and pushing forward even when it sometimes feels hard. There is the saying “It takes a village” to raise a child and I believe that to be especially true for us as parents when we are walking this path… we need a village… a tribe that supports us and keeps us on track for our kids.

Whether you are just starting out on this journey and poking around to find the options or you have been following the GAPS diet for a while or you are doing other biomedical approaches this is a safe place to land. A safe place to ask questions, get support, rant and share ideas.

Together we truly are stronger.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”
– African Proverb

Since helping our kids is a marathon, not a sprint we are better off to go together.

Other benefits of membership include access to free resources and tools to make your journey a little easier.

  • MP3 Downloadable recordings of all the free content information so you can learn on the go!
  • Take the Leaky Gut Quiz to see if this may be an underlying issue for your child.
  • Kids Health Revolution Natural Solutions Blueprint – 3 essential steps for improving your child’s health naturally.
  • Foods to eat – Foods to avoid cheat sheet – know at a glance what foods support your child’s health and what you want to stay away from.
  • 20 Fabulous Freezer Meals e-book – Stock your fridge and freezer with delicious gut healthy meals that are kid approved and super easy to make.
  • Easy downloadable tools that you have immediate access to when you become a free member of the Kids Health Revolution Community.


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I am not a medical doctor. I am a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, certified GAPS practitioner and certified Counsellor. My experience and personal research in order to help my son has taught me a lot about autoimmune and chronic illness from this holistic and functional medicine perspective and I want to share that information with you. This information is just that. It is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace medical advice.

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