5 Simple Keys to Overcome Picky Eating
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Do you have a tough little picky eater on your hands and really wish you could get them to eat more healthy foods?

Having a picky eater at the table can make meal times hell pure and simple.  Most often we end up throwing up our hands and just giving them whatever we can easily get them to eat in order to avoid the battle.  It can just plain wear you down and who has the energy to fight with that every day in and out without end?! I get it!

We feel resigned and think we will just let them eat whatever they will accept so they have something in their wee bellies and hope that soon they will grow out of it.

The problem here is that we know the foundations of an adults health is built on the nutrition they receive as children. These years are some of their most important eating years because their bodies are building the foundation of health that will see them through life. So what is your child’s foundation being built on?

Picky eating is more than just a pain. It is possibly the greatest saboteur of your child’s health and one that you can change without as much struggle as you might think.

Now, maybe you’ve been down this road before…thought enough is enough we are putting an end to this picky eating once and for all….You look up everything you can on the internet and armed with some sage advice you feel cautiously hopeful that you can turn things around. 


that lasts about a day or two and you are right back at square one with your tail between your legs! A familiar scenario for most any parent who has faced the wrath of a picky eater!

So I don’t blame you for being a little gun shy. Once bitten twice shy kind of thing! But I want you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and give it one more try. Your child needs you to show up here and help them develop and important skill that will set the stage for their future health and even their relationship to food.

Your child can learn to eat more than just processed junk food and with the right support and system it won’t be as painful as you might think.  It will take a bit of commitment don’t get me wrong.  There is no magic wand waving here, but with some commitment and support it is 100% doable.

Dinner can be a more pleasant and even…yes…pleasurable experience again. You deserve a happier and pleasant eater at the table. Your child deserves the opportunity to develop this essential life-long skill


Introducing The Escape Picky Eater Hell Masterclass.

A virtual learning program designed to equip you with the tools, techniques and know how to support your child in overcoming picky eating so you know your child is getting the nutrition they need and you can have a peaceful mealtime again!

This Training is For You If:

  • You are tired of being a short order cook.
  •  The whinging and whining about food is driving you around the bend.
  •  You dread sitting down for a meal with the family or worse you actually avoid it at all costs!
  •  You’ve tried using some tips or tricks for picky eating but have had little success.
  •  Relaxed enjoyable meal times sound like a fantasy world but one you’d like to live in!
  •  Your child is stuck in a processed, kid food rut and you really want them to eat more healthfully.
  •  It is embarrassing to dine at other people’s houses as your child is so picky they won’t eat anything!
  •  Your child has some health concerns that actually require you to change their diet and you can’t imagine how you will manage it!
  •  You believe that good nutrition is a foundation for a good healthy future.
  •  Having support and a system to get through this sounds really, really good!

I get it, I’ve been there and have come out the other side of that little corner of hell. I can tell you it is possible and not even as hard as you might think.

What Exactly Will I Learn?

We start with 3 Simple Techniques for Expanding Food Preferences

  • I will walk you through and show you how to implement 3 easy techniques that will support your child in trying new foods. It can be hard for kids to try new things. These techniques approach it in a way that makes it easier and less stressful for you both!
  • The 3 techniques allow your child to safely begin to expand their palate and food horizons so they are eating in a more balanced way.
  • You will see them begin to eat whole foods and trying new things without all the stress and combat.

Next we move onto the 3 Non-negotiable Meal Time Rules 

  • I will walk you through how to employ 3 simple rules that are fundamental to guide your child in developing new eating skills.
  • Learn what to do and say if they resist or even down right refuse foods or meals.
  • Use the rules in the most effective way to ensure your child’s success and create a healthy, happy eater and much more peaceful and pleasant meal time experience for you all!

Sometimes we need a bit more intervention in which case we move onto Behavior Modification Tools for Extreme Picky Eaters

  • I lay out the tools and techniques used to deal with even the most challenging and extreme picky eaters. You know the ones….they won’t touch anything green or that doesn’t come in a fun breaded shape or in a box with cartoons on it!
  • These kids need a little more support and these tools offer them what they need and the strategy you require to get them to eat in a way that will begin building that healthy foundation.
  • You will be guided on exactly how to use these strategies with calm and confidence so you don’t feel you’re going to lose it every time you sit down to the table.


My Own Picky Eater Saga

Having worked in health & wellness for over 20 years I have always been fairly health conscious, but I will admit, my son has not always been the best or healthiest eater! I think his very first word was coookieeee!

He ate a lot more sweets than I would have liked and he reminded me a bit of a certain blue monster with an addiction to cookies! If I wouldn’t give in to him he knew how to get around me and get almost anyone else that was around to give in to his desires! His father’s Gatorade drinks became a regular obsession and dinner out always meant something deep fried, breaded and or covered in ketchup.

Even though meals at home were relatively healthy my son’s tastes were being influenced by all the processed foods that were creeping in and he was beginning to reject the real food that appeared on his plate. 

That all came to an abrupt and rather jarring halt when we found out that he had an autoimmune condition and had to make some big changes to our diet. I had to figure out pretty quickly how to get my son to eat the foods that were allowed on our protocol without causing an all-out food strike. 

Dinner was more than a combat zone for a little while. Pretty much every meal resulted in tears and tantrums and not always my son’s!! More than once I swore we were throwing in the towel and just letting him eat whatever he would eat because I was just too tired and fed up with the battle. 

It was beyond frustrating until I started doing some research and figured out how to make this work! 

I went on a quest into the current wisdom on kids eating, behaviior modification and good old fashioned family values. I took some extra training, talked to a lot of other mom’s that had made changes successfully and through a lot of trial an error zeroed in on the methods, techniques and tools that made it all click.

We put a system in place and it worked!

I won’t lie to you and say that it all became a cake walk. There was still some push back for the first little while and he will still test his boundaries to this day. But, because I had a plan and tools in my pocket that I could consistently apply, change began to happen. Within a couple of weeks my son was a different person at the dinner table and so was I! 

Meal time was no longer something I dreaded more than anything in the world! Not only were we all more relaxed but I was thrilled to know that my son was now eating in a way that would support his body & health instead of destroying it.

I know what is possible for our little ones if we give them the right support. I hope you will join me in helping your child develop the skill of being and open and healthy little eater and building a health foundation for life! 

It is not hard. 

It only takes a bit of commitment, just like any other skill we help our kids learn.


What We Will Do Together

Building the foundation

We are going to quickly identify your most important family rules and rituals and how you can build on these to easily incorporate rules around food and meal times that become part of your family fabric.

Getting your Head in the Game

In this short lesson we will work on getting you 100% committed and in the game to see your child through to the end. We will also look at exactly how to talk to your kids about the new food rules.

You’ll get an example script that will help you set it up in a positive but firm framework that will support your kids in adjusting to the changes.

The 6 Essential Tools to Create Happy, Healthier Little Eaters.

We are going to walk through the simple tools and techniques you need to turn that picky eating behavior around.

You learn how to use the perfect combination of gently expanding food preferences and setting firm meal time rules that make up the magic for breaking through picky eating.

It is about timing and a framework that allows for firm boundaries while still giving our kids some sense of control and choice.

That is so important…this is the support your child needs to star eating healthier food and to make your meal time experience becomes more pleasant and enjoyable!

These 6 tools will do the trick for the majority of kids.

Behavior Modification Tools For Extreme Picky Eaters

Quickly learn how to set up an Applied Behavioral Analysis program to help your child overcome even the most challenging eating behaviors.
This kind of program has worked with some of the most extreme picky eaters…kids who won’t touch anything green or have major issues with textures. It supports the child to overcome their challenges and expand what they are capable of with food.

The Escape Picky Eater Hell Masterclass Includes

  • 4 Step-by Step lessons so you know exactly what to do each step of the way.
  • Printable Workbook to help you stay on track.
  • Example dialogue/script for talking to your kids.
  • Printable Meal Time Manifesto.
  • Tools for taking action.
  • Much needed support to make sure you make it through this time!

I want to help you create results for your child so you can teach this skill and enjoy your meal times together.

If you give this course your best shot but it just isn’t for you…all you have to do is drop me an email and I will refund every penny you spent.

No questions asked.

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