The Surprising Benefits of My Son’s Gut Healing Protocol

I often tell the story of how I sat in my car and cried when I left my functional doctors office with the list of foods we had to eliminate for the gut healing protocol he prescribed to help recover my son’s health.  I remember so clearly how overwhelmed I felt and frankly down right resistant to giving up some of the staples of our diet. I mean brown rice…come on…that’s healthy! I had to do a little digging into the research and understand why these changes would help.  Once I understood that even some of these generally healthy whole foods can be hard to digest for some peoples systems it made sense to me and I decided to take a leap of faith and give this whole gut healing protocol thing a try.

Making the switch to a mostly Paleo, GAPS, SCD, gut healing diet had its challenges at first, but it turned out it wasn’t as hard as I thought.  Right away within a couple of months we noticed a difference in my son’s health and within the year we saw major improvement in his Vitiligo. We have been at this for about 5 years now and though it has taken a bit more preparation and discipline than following your average standard American diet, it has been worth it. My son’s health continues to improve and as an extra bonus, my health has improved leaps and bounds! The benefits I have witnessed in my son and have experienced myself have far outweighed any cost.

Before changing my diet with my son, I ate what I thought was a fairly healthy diet. I ate veggies, lots of whole grains and was cautious with the amount of fat we ate. I struggled with sugar cravings and though I tried to keep it in check, it often got the best of me. I also really struggled with my weight. It did not seem to matter what I did, I could not lose weight. If I did manage to shave off a few pounds they would be right back in no time as soon as I stopped restricting myself so tightly. I had a sub-clinical low thyroid issue that had me seeing blackness and stars and almost passing out when I stood up from a simple sitting position. My energy was low and I got sick all the time in the winter months. My bouts with colds always lasted at least a couple of weeks, if not more. I tried lots of things and took supplements and herbal remedies that did some good, but the real changes came when I took the plunge to drastically shake up our diet. My son was the catalyst for changes that I may not have made just for myself.

Even though I have not always been 100% GAPS, Paleo or gut healing all the time, I would say I am about 90-10 in my own diet, my health has improved greatly. My body has found a happy, healthy weight and I no longer have to struggle so hard to stay there. I am a healthy, fit and active size 8-10 as opposed to oscillating between a 12 and 16 in the past. I know that by societal standards size 8 might not be anything to brag about but this is a healthy, happy place for me. My thyroid health has improved and though I have not had my thyroid checked in a couple of years (time to go for a physical!) I can tell you that I no longer see stars or almost pass out when I stand up from my desk! My energy levels are great and I get sick much less frequently and it doesn’t knock me down for weeks. In fact, after also having all my mercury amalgams removed, I didn’t get sick even once last winter!

Having witnessed the power of gut healing protocols, for myself as a bi-product of helping my son, I can tell you that I will never go back to the way mainstream nutrition tells us to eat. I now have a totally different perspective on what eating a healthy, whole food diet looks and feels like and it is far too good to give up just to have a bowl of frosted mini wheats for breakfast again!

If you or your child struggles with a health issue I would encourage you to look into gut healing approaches and how they are different from the mainstream nutritional advice. Some of the otherwise healthy whole foods could be difficult your child’s gut and compromise the body’s ability to find balance.

There is absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain for you and your entire family.

You can find lots of free information on the gut as well as recipes, expert podcast interviews and lots of inspiration here on the website. If you have any questions about your child and how diet might help reach out and connect with me. I am here to help.


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I am not a medical doctor. I am a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, certified GAPS practitioner and certified Counsellor. My experience and personal research in order to help my son has taught me a lot about autoimmune and chronic illness from this holistic and functional medicine perspective and I want to share that information with you. This information is just that. It is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace medical advice.

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