Understanding the Link Between Healthy Land & Healthy Families

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Join me for the newest episode of The Kid’s Health Revolution Podcast as I talk with the fascinating Takota Coen a 4th generation farmer in Alberta Canada.

We will talk about:

  • How health and healing is not possible with our modern day food production system.
  • Why this food is lacking essential nutrients.
  • How healthy land management leads to more nutrient dense food which leads to healthier people.
  • How the health of the soil and the micro-organisms are being destroyed and how that effects our environment and our food.
  • The better way forward for the land and for our health.  How Coen farms is raising the bar in order to raise healthier, happier humans.
  • The feed the world myth we have all bought into and how it is unsustainable.
  • Why having nutrient metrics from your farmers is important.
  • The shocking Omega 3, 6 and 9 ratio difference.
  • Could eating eggs be as good for you as eating fish?
  • How Coen farms is making ethically raised, grass fed, nutrient dense meat affordable.
  • Why purely plant based diets are not good for us or our environment and how proper animal husbandry is the answer.
  • The truth about the China Study, one of the worlds most cited plant based books.


If you live in Alberta and would like to experience this unique farm they are hosting their annual farm tour on June 23rd from 10:00-12:00pm.  This is a great event for the whole family.

For more information or to purchase product from the Coen Farm visit: http://www.coenfarm.ca/

You should also check out some of their really cool videos and interviews on the farm blog .


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