Very Veggie Dip – School Snack Series Episode 2

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Very Veggie Dip

Episode 2 of our weekly live School Snack Video Series is this fabulous Veggie Dip. 

Most kids love dip.  With one notable exception….my own.  He has never been a big fan of anything dip, except homemade ketchup for burgers and hot dogs.  In his mind these are the only foods for dipping!  However, I do know that most of my friends kids love a good dip and it is a great opportunity to get more nutrients into them without them ever suspecting a thing! Here is a veggie dip made with more veggies!

This dip recipe works great with crunchy vegetables or crackers for dipping. It also makes a great spread or topping.  I found I really enjoyed in on top of fish and pork especially.  It is packed full of great nutrition with cauliflower and red peppers as the base.  Add a splash of fermented veggie juice and you’ve got some good probiotics in your veggie dip too!

The recipe is of course gut healthy, gluten free, dairy free, grain free and is GAPS compliant, Paleo and Whole 30 compliant.

Check out the very veggie dip demo video below. If you’d like the downloadable recipe sign up for our free community for access to all the School Snack Series recipes and much more.  You will find great resources in the community including 20 fabulous freezer meals, a leaky gut quiz, a food cheat sheet and mp3 downloads to learn on the go.  All totally free. The best part is our incredible community of other mom’s on this same journey.  Our private Facebook group is a wealth of information with mom’s sharing their knowledge and helping each other out with questions.  You can sign up right here! Hope to connect with you over there soon 🙂

Episode 2 live School Snack Series Veggie Dip

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